24 June 2014


If you follow Raising Miss Matilda on instagram then you know this weekend Matilda was sick with a fever.  It came on really quickly on Saturday afternoon and then we had a poor sick little toddler on our hands until Monday afternoon.  I think it must have been teething because I couldn't see anything else wrong like a cold or ear infection.  And eh, if you are like me, any random thing happens and I always put it down to teething. 

Of course looking after a sick bubba is the worst - you feel terrible for them, you can't fully understand how they are feeling or exactly what they need and the less sleep for everyone is not so great.  BUT I gotta say there were some pretty funny and cute things that happened too. Lets call it a fever silver lining.  

We tried to put hats and bows in our hair to lighten the mood.....

Teddy got lots of cuddles......

In fact her teddies and bunnies had to eat some comfort food dinner with her.....

And Matilda would only eat her second night of comfort food dinner with my hat on.....

Matilda tried out some baby yoga positions (look at that sad face :( It makes ME so sad)

And she insisted on sitting in her stroller, yes in the living room, to watch her 15th episode of Sesame Street (I didn't get a picture of that one so I snapped one today when she did the same thing.  I think its her new thing) 


  1. Poor poppet. Glad she's feeling better. Our little one is 22 months and language has finally developed so that he can tell us where he hurts. It makes life a LOT easier, that's for sure.

    1. I can't WAIT till she can talk and tell me what's going on. So glad you don't have to do so much mind reading now hehe.


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