26 June 2014


grown up baby shower games and activities
Happy Thursday Y'All.  Today we've got another Ask Lenya, this time from reader Erin
"Hi Lenya, I've got to host a baby shower soon so I'm after game and activity ideas.  But I want to avoid the corny games like name that poo or guess my belly size"

Challenge accepted Erin! Don't worry there are plenty of ideas to have a fun ideas that will keep your gathering full of ooooohing and aaaaaahing over babies while still keeping it sophisticated.  

grown up baby shower games and activities
First up lets start with an activity.  Create a DIY alphabet book station where guests can each choose a letter to create a page in the book.  The alphabet book will be a great reminder to baby and mom when its used of all of the special friends and family in their lives.

Grown Up baby shower games and activities
Speaking of books, instead of a traditional guest book why don't you pick up a classic fairy tale book and have guests sign over pages of the book.  Its guaranteed that mom is going to love reading the book to her bubba when the time comes, and being reminded of all those special messages from family and friends.

grown up baby shower games and activities
Lets go for a game next - Write up a list of traits and then get guests to choose if it will come from mom or dad.  It's a fun way to get all your guests participating and there are some great templates you can choose off etsy.  Have the mom to be choose which is the right answer.

grown up baby shower games and activities
How about another game, this time: Guess the baby shower guest.  Not only does it create a great game but it also makes for a beautiful display at the party.  Ask guests to send their photos prior to the date so you can create an answer page with all the photos and a blank space each to next picture 

I've got a classic baby shower activity next - a onsie decoration station.  Gather some newborn onsies and then use paint, iron on transfers or any other embellishment you can think of so your guests can get crafty and create a little outfit for bubba to be!

Or, if you want to find an alternative to the onsie decoration station why don't you have guests do some stamping crafts over organic burb cloths?  I love this idea as you can never have too many burp cloths and with the purchase of one quick stamping kit and inks everything is done.

Lets get to another game - this time Baby Word Scramble.  Choose a whole heap of baby related words and scramble them up.  First guest to unscramble them all wins.

And we'll round things off with one last game idea - Choose that baby name.  Create little cards for each guest to choose a name for the baby to be.  Have the mom read them out and then choose a winner.

So there you have it Erin, a few ideas for your lovely lovely friends baby shower.  And if you dear readers, have an Ask Lenya question for me just hit me up at raisingmissmatilda@gmail.com


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  2. ohhh! I never thought of doing your own burp cloth station. That is a great idea. Love this this post.

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