06 May 2014


Happy Tuesday my friends! I finally feel like we are getting back on track after the  great teething sleep deprivation project and the hand foot as mouth teething quarantine spectacular. Last week while were in said quarantine Matilda and I undertook our style challenge where we had to break out of out daily outfit (jeans and a tee for me, leggings and a tee for her) So today I wanted to show you the results of how we went - I was surprised at how much we for out of it! More on that in a sec but first here's a round up of our outfits. Yup, I know there is only 4 rather than 5 but Thursday was a shocker of a day so we barely got out of our sweats.  No judgement please! haha.

Like I said I was surprised how much we got out of the challenge, it was strangely liberating to not have to put jeans or leggings on. I realized that my wardrobe is much bigger than I give it credit for and Matilda's is smaller, maybe too small, once you discount all those leggings and tees. I learnt that shorts skirts and dresses aren't as impractical easy I thought they would be for a mom outfit. And I learnt that cute bubble suits and all in ones not only look cute but try are super practice for Matilda. 

Fancy breaking free of your own daily uniform? Well I've got some inspiration for you to freshen up your look without needing to but a million new pieces. In fact you probably have a lot of hear in your wardrobe you just don't use them. For mom, try adding accessories like hats, fun jewels or a cute pair of kicks.  And don't forget about dresses, shorts and skirts - its a whole new world out there!  For baby, break out the bows, statement pants and cute metallic sandals.  And pattern can be your best friend to freshen things up.  So get to it!  Break free of that wardrobe rut and try something new!


  1. I live in shorts and a tank top in summer ... i want to do dresses but argh! Chasing 2 kids in parks etc is not a good look ... unless i want to show off my underwear!
    You look great!

  2. This is such a fun post! I love all the different outfits on you and Tilly-bear. I have to agree that looking a bit more put-together feels really good, and I will add that I usually have a great day with the little man when I make that extra effort! Keep on rocking that sweet style Len!! :)

    1. Yes! Extra effort means a good day! I totes agree Cindy!!!


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