12 May 2014


Hey everyone!  How was your weekend?  Yesterday was a big day, not only mothers day but my birthday - woah! Double celebration.  Let me tell you Aaron and Matilda went all out to spoil me.  I thought I might be a bit sad on my birthday being so far away from home but between the amazing day my two boo boos had planned and all the messages and calls from everyone at home it was a cracker of a day.  Wanna hear how it went down?  Okay!  Well lets get to it!
Aaron and Matilda surprised me with breakfast in bed and while we sat there Aaron made a presentation for me about the awesome day we were going to have.  Say what?!  That is such a cool idea.  So as we went through the presentation, I got to open my presents (a new lens for my camera and a voucher to Nordstrom - so spoilt!) and then the icing on the cake, Aaron pulls out two trashy gossip magazines and says "I'm going to take Matilda to get coffee with me.  Relax and read some magazines" I don't think I had done that since Till was born - bravo Aaron, that was amazing.
Next stop was to visit La Jolla Shores and try out my new lens.  The sun was shining, the beach was full of families and Matilda had so much fun practising her walking (holding onto two fingers now!) We came back home and while Matilda napped Aaron made a birthday cake (Funny story, I decided to eat some before he had iced it and wouldn't you know it I took a good chunk out of it - whoops.  So Aaron had to cut the cake to make it circular again.  He wasn't impressed. Damn my chocolate addiction) After nap time we visited Nordstrom and went out for burgers to a new place called Woody's.  It was burgers like me mum makes. Delish.  
Having such a brilliant day just reminded me how lucky I am to be a mom.  There is no greater job in the world and my life (and heart) has exploded a million times over with love and happiness since Matilda came into our world.  Days like Mothers Day and my Birthday become so much more special with Matilda here.  I feel blessed.



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