08 May 2014


Flying with a toddler
You guys, next week we are flying to Hawaii for a family holiday - I know. I am so excited. Sun, Sand and good times with family we haven't seen since in ages. BUT I gotta confess I am NOT excited for the flight over there.  I've got two reasons. 1. I'm not a great fan of flying (but I've done alot of work on that - thanks Eve for my hypnotherapy, I can actually get on a plane now:) 2. I am dreading more than that is 5 hours flying with Matilda.  Compared to our last flight when Matilda was 6 months old (just look at that picture - swoon) she's close to 15 months so she is super active (crawling, climbing, clapping you name it!) she only sleeps in her crib (unless she is super sick and then she wants her mama) and her attention span is about 10 minutes at best.  I can just see her going crazy and then Aaron and I going crazy too.

So like any problem, the best thing to do is find a solution right?! So I've been doing some research and starting to put together our game plan on how we'll tackle the flight. Here's where I've gotten to so far.  Lovely readers, do you have any tips or tricks to share? I'll take ALLLLLL advice!

At the airport:
We will take the pram so we've got easy transport going from the car all the way through the aiport and onto the plane.  Airlines are great at letting you check that pram in as oversized luggage right at the gate before you board.  Speaking of the gate, I'm going to let Matilda crawl, walk, do a jiggle at the gate so we get as much energy out as possible before we get onto the flight.  Oh and to get us through security as easily as possible I'm going to make sure we have everything in clear ziplock bags.

Flight Time: 
Aaron and I will go in shifts to have one of us taking the lead in entertaining Matilda. Hopefully that means we each have some go time and some kind of relaxing time.  I'm going to load up Matilda's ipad with apps and episodes of her favourite shows (more on that soon) I'm going to hit up the 99 cent shop and find a few things for Tilly to play with and for bonus points I'm going to wrap them up so she's got an extra challenge to unwrap them.  I'm also going to make a little care package like this for the people we sit next to so we hopefully get a little bit of slack cut. And if all else fails we will walk the aisles of the plane!!!

Packing for the Flight: 
There are some great lists out there with ideas of what to pack.  I'm going to pack snacks galore as well as making sure we have some bottles ready.  I'm going to take extra diapers and use our travel diaper change pouch.  I'll make sure Matilda has an extra change of clothes and an extra top for Aaron and I.  I'm going to bring some of her old swaddling cloths to use as a blanket in case the plane is cold.  

Okay so that's where I am at so far! If you have any tips or tricks let me know!  I'd love to hear them.  

Oh and PS - here is some great reading I've found in my research - you might like to read these too.....

Here's some great reading I've found in my research with you might love.
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  1. Good luck is really all I can offer, since I have never flown with a baby. lol. But I can give you some perspective from a passenger's point of view... I absolutely LOVE the care package idea-- you'll win their hearts with Tilly's precious face and chocolate.

    Honestly, I would forgive any parents of their baby's misdeeds (obvs within reason) if those parents handed out goodie bags for the flight! That type of gesture shows that you are considerate and respectful of other people, and that you understand how potentially disruptive a baby on a flight could be. That kind of self-awareness and courtesy is so refreshing and people will love you for it. You are amazing and you and the fam are going to rock that flight!! :)

  2. All I have to say is good for you! I think people put off doing things they enjoy because they have kids. Why not take them along and let them discover why you love what you love. I've flown all over the world with our 4 kids due to my husband's job. It is no easy task to fly with kids especially a 15 mo. old, but so worth it when you get to do and see something new/amazing (especially Hawaii!) For me the hardest thing is worrying about everybody around me. Usually people are very kind and helpful when you have kids. Sometimes they are not. Once while on a flight in Brazil I read some tips from the in-flight magazine that has helped me on every flight since. This tip, directed to the people who have no kids on the plane, and what to do if there was one crying on your flight. The tip surprised me because it said somehting like relax, they are kids, it happens sometimes. I like your idea of giving gifts to the people around you; that would have helped me on a few flights. That is very thoughtful and kind and one I will use on future flights. Have a safe trip and remember to have fun! Not everybody gets to go to Hawaii! Good luck, I know you'll do great!

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