12 September 2013

It's Time To Say Goodbye.

My friends, it's time to say goodbye.  I started 7 Year Wedding over 3 years ago as an online journal for my wedding preparations.  Since then I have been engaged, married, set up our little family home and then welcome our beautiful daughter Matilda into the world. 

As life progressed my passion for weddings has also moved on and with each post I wrote on 7 Year Wedding it felt like I was cheating a little on my real life.  Weird right?  So I've decided to move on. The Big and I got the opportunity of a lifetime to live in California for a couple of years so I'll be keeping a much more personal blog over at Raising Miss Matilda.   

I'd love for you to join me.

Source: Welsch Photography


  1. That is a good picture. Does anyone know the best place to go for Cincinnati wedding photography? I'm trying to help out a friend.


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