14 June 2013


Happy weekend my lovelies.  I'm sorry about the lack of post this week.  We've been staying down at my parents while the Big A is away for his 2 week trip to the United States of Awesome, I mean, the USA so my normal blog while Tilly is napping routine is out! haha!  I have been sewing up a storm while I've been here and I can't wait to show that to you next week.  

BUT for now I wanted to give you a little DIY fashion fix for the weekend.  Not long ago I saw a rad girl across the street and she had neon toed shoes. Yes neon toed shoes - they were tan with hot pink and I loved them. She looked awesome but outside of me screaming at her from my car 'where did you get those shoes?!?' I wasn't going to find out.  So with that in mind this little tutorial from Green Wedding Shoes is just what the fashion doctor ordered.  Take a pair of nude shoes, some masking tape and neon spray paint and you can easily get the look.


  1. Wow, nice idea, love the color you pick, really gorgeous.

  2. What an awesome way to make a statement.

  3. Wow… now we can try this at home. It’s really a nice tip and I’m going to try this on my wife’s wedding shoes. ;)
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