26 June 2013

A Totally Bodacious Wedding Idea That You'll Say No To :)

So when I'm wedding and party planning my ideas process normally goes like this.  Me: "Oooo! I know! What if we do (insert totally awesome but will require some hard work) idea".  My Sounding Board: "Wow.  Sounds cool but totally not practical.  I don't think we should do it".  Me: "Nothing is impossible!  We are SO doing it!"

Does this sound familiar to anyone else?  Well  somehow I think The Style Co may have had a similar conversation but boy am I sure glad they persisted because these oversized letters from Em and Max's wedding are such a brilliant idea.

These would make a brilliant entrance piece at your reception or, use these as a alter backdrop for your garden wedding.  Be sure to add candles and fairy lighting around for a keep it bright and light look in the evening.

Source: The Style Co


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  3. Thats a brilliant idea, i really loved it from my heart, especially the venue and the suits

  4. Just love this simple wedding idea! For me, long bridesmaids dresses are best choices for the bride!

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  6. Wedding Halls in Long Island
    I am inspired to add a flyaway or 2 to my new collection


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