25 April 2012

One Day I Am Going To Move To America.....

One of our dreams, which hopefully will become a reality at some point in our lives is for The Big A and I live in America.  And when we do I pretty much want to own a home just like this - A simple cottage full of character with a white picket fence and an American flag hanging out the front.  As soon as I saw this beauty I knew it was love and I dragged the Big A away from watching the Formula 1 so we could both oooh  and aahhh over just how perfect this home is.  My favourite has got to the be the master bedroom - can't you imagine reading the papers whilst lounging around in bed in here?  Well a girl can dream can't she?! hehe.

Source: Two Ellie


  1. Oh, you and me both! I'd love to live in the states for a little white! White picket fence and all! ;)

  2. So cute! that cottage is adorable!

  3. What a cute little house! I wish more homebuilders here would start bringing character back to our houses here. New construction in the States has been pretty hideous for some time now - but if you talk to people, they want a farmhouse. Or a beach-inspired cottage. Or Colonial.

  4. I think that house is misleading... because it is gorgeous and there is nothing that looks anything like it anywhere near where I live!


  5. Hiya, I've just found your blog and I love it! I feel we have a lot of interests in common too :) I 'm in New Zealand now and I'd love to live in America for a little while! Mainly so I can buy beautiful things without paying $50 shipping hehe.


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