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09 December 2010

Old Hollywood Wedding Dress from Elizabeth Dye Designs

Ladies, let me introduce you to the Temptest, a delightful gown from Elizabeth Dye Designs. Part hollywood glamour and part grace kelly this dress is perfect to make you feel absolutely beautiful. Check out more of Elizabeths amazing designs here

08 December 2010

Amaze-ball Background for a Photobooth

Photobooth's bring so much fun to a wedding or party. But don't just think about the props, consider what fun the background can bring to your pictures too!  I'm loving the back drop from this   Ivy & Aster photo shoot - these vintage floral books have been attached to a backdrop to create an amaze-balls back ground.  The consistency in colour and scale ensures the back drop isn't too busy and it's as easy as ripping out pages of a book!  Would you do this?  PS: Check out more easy photo booth backdrop ideas here or how about a sneak peek at what the Big A and I did for our wedding photobooth?

07 December 2010

Ethereal Wedding Dress and Flowers In The Hair - Loves!

Okay I am having a moment here. In aaaany other situation having the contents of a flower pot and a big poofy dress would be totally unsuitable but right now oh yessss, this looks amazing.

Source: RP Scissors
06 December 2010

The anti engagement photo shoot

Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of the engagement shoot. But, stumbling across this fabulously anti engagement shoot from the Neo Traditionalist it had me yearning for more people to down the route of not being so sickly sweet and set up. My fav part? The pictures of the pug of course? So darling!

01 December 2010

Industrial Wedding Decorations

Your normal wedding decorations are vintage, cutesy or glam. But industrial hmmmm you don't see as much. But maybe that's a good thing, because when you do finally see something its a cracker. These wall banners would be so easy to make - with simple messages on a roll of fabric these would look super sweet. PS - For more industrial Wedding Decorations visit these 3 post I love here, here and here.

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