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18 August 2014


Last week was a crazy one so I'm sorry for my absence from the blog.  Matilda came down with a fever and it was a high one - 39.9 degrees Celsius or about 104 Fahrenheit. When I picked her up after first discovering she was hot, I saw that she was shaking and breathing funny.  I try very hard to not panic when she is sick (yes this is a first time mum talking right now, please note I say TRY, hehe) but this time I knew something wasn't right.  The good news was that the shaking and breathing were a response to the high fever so after some Tylenol and a check over from the doc we put it down to a throat virus and we bunkered down for three days of high fever.  
After riding out what we thought was the worst Matilda woke up with a huge red bumpy rash over her.  Another trip to the doc and we found out she had roseola.  Now everything made sense!  The roseola is always preceded by a few days of high fever and then a rash comes out.  Oh man we were winning last week weren't we?  
Another three or so days and then rash went as fast as it came. It's pretty common for kids to catch roseola and the good news is Matilda is working on building immunity after her run of colds, roseola and hand, foot and mouth.  But 6 days at home left us a little ..... well stir crazy.  It's all done now and she is back to her normal bubbly non rashy self. And we can venture out into the big wide world again.  So lets crack into this week! 

07 August 2014


I'm 18 weeks pregnant now and my cravings are coming thick and fast.  So today I thought I'd share a few of my pregnancy cravings.

- Ice Cream.  Its my number 1 craving and if I could eat it all the time I would.
- Crisp and cold fruit. Cold apple slices, ripe raspberries and chilled grapes are rocking my boat.
- Cold Drinks of all kinds - Water, Mineral Water, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice (or a combo of the three) and Diet coke are what I want all day.
- Slurpee's.  I feel like I'm 14 again but a coke slurpee hits the right spot.

- Big Juicy Hamburgers - A pre pregnancy favourite, just the thought of it now makes me want to hurl.
- Steaks - So strange but I craved these with Matilda but big hunks of red meat aren't doing it for me at all.

- All I wanted was sugar sugar sugar and as I mentioned steak with Matilda.  While I don't hate sugar I'm not indulging in a piece of caramel slice everyday. 
- The thirst.  I really wasn't that thirsty with Matilda but now all I want are things of the cold liquid variety.

05 August 2014


San Diego has had some super hot, sunny and humid weather in the last week so I jumped at the chance for Matilda to cool off with an awesome new swimming pool when Backyard Ocean invited us to take part in the Backyard Summer Challenge!  

They have a great range of all kinds of kids swimming pools and pool toys at a won't break your bank balance price point.  We chose the castle play pool - it had sprinklers that came out of the sides and the dragons nose (funny right?!) and it had a cute castle tower so we could really create a fun playtime mood. 

Matilda has become more and more of a water baby as she's grown older so for her to spend an afternoon playing in the pool was like hitting the jackpot.  She used the inflatable rings to play and I gave her a few clean gardening toys to splash away with as well.  I dipped my feet in the pool too while I supervised her so we both got a break from the humid heat which drives me bonkers by the end of the day.  I liked the quality of the pool too - it was thick and durable so I didn't have to worry about damaging the plastic at all.   So if you are ready to beat the heat check out Backyard Ocean.  

This is a sponsored post from Backyard Ocean.
04 August 2014


Happy Monday Friends.  Today marks the start of our third week of challenge to take it easier on ourselves as moms.  There's no point in being hard on ourselves and plugging away silently with a whole heap of mom guilt sitting on our shoulders.  

This week's challenge is an easy peasy one.  We're going to shift how much the kids fit into our day vs how much we fit into their day.  It is very easy, nay, almost instinctual to put our children first in how we spend our time but if we do that 100% of the time but before you know it you feel like you've lost your own identity, you're swimming in a sea of sesame street repeats and park visits and you don't do a single thing in the house that you want to do until those kidlets are in bed.

The world isn't going to fall down if you put a little more focus onto yourself in the day and while it may require some clever tricks or adjustments from the kids, getting the children to fit into our lives can be done.  Here are some simple thought starters for you
- Leave the kids at the gym creche and get a work out in for you
- Get your mind active and put a pod cast on to listen to in the background while you watch the kids play.
- When you start clock watching, get up, and do one task like clean the benches.  That simple task will take no more than a few minutes and to make yourself feel productive
- Go out and about to somewhere you've been wanting to go (The mall, a gallery, a cafe) and keep the kids occupied with a cheerio necklace or a busy pack.

So will you join me?  Lets make this week feel more balanced!  

01 August 2014


Here's what we've been loving for July.

Making: A tee pee dressing room in Matilda's new space.  
Eating: In and Out.  So. Good. 
Wearing: The most amazing polka dot clutch from Country Road. 
Reading: Vanity Fair.  Price George is on the cover.  It doesn't get much better.
Researching: Colour palates for Matilda's new room.  Love this colour palate reference from Apartment therapy on Violet's room.
Working Out: Just started activating my core again. This Pro Series ball is helping to keep those exercises pregnancy safe.

Making: Stacking and breaking down her IKEA Mula stack and nest cups. A steal at $2.99.
Eating: Fruit and Vegetable pouches - its been a while since she's wanted to have these. I love Plum Organics.
Drinking: Watered down milk.  We're weaning her off bottles.  This article was great reading on the matter.
Wearing: Her saltwater sandals.  Eeeeeeeverywhere. 
Reading: Daddy Cuddles.  Matilda wants to read it every day.
Visiting: Storytime at the Pacific Beach Library.
Wanting: The little dorm playhouse from Ferm Living.
31 July 2014


whimsical nursery ideas

The time has come to start on Matilda's new nursery.  After doing a sophisticated and chic newborn nursery and then colourful and polkadot infant nursery I know that I want to up the modern nursery and whimsical nursery feel of the room.  Matilda is growing into an awesome little toddler so I want a room that matches her growing age and personality.

The good news is the the room itself is a nice white shell.  It's small in size but it has a bathroom and walk in wardrobe attached so when you count all of that space together its actually pretty decent for one little lady.    

I know that I want to do one main feature wall behind Matilda's crib. It's the perfect way to create impact and create a focus as you walk into the room.  The question is which way to go.  So take a look and tell me which modern whimsical nursery direction do you like.

whimsical nursery feature wall ideas
whimsical nursery feature wall ideas
whimsical nursery feature wall ideas
Lots of fun idea's right?  My preference is definitely for idea 2.  It's fun and whimsical but the smaller size and hand placing of the dots make it feel modern and fresh.  And we all know that I am obsessed obsessed obssesed with polka dots.  I did think about the other options but as much as I love idea 1 its just not practical to last the test of time.  And as cute as idea 3 is, I could never ever ever feel comfortable having hanging things over Matilda's bed.  I'd worry too much!  

What are your thoughts friends?  Do you prefer a certain idea?  Do you have another idea I totally need to know about?
29 July 2014

3 + 1 = OUR FAMILY!

I've got some big news to share with you today - we are pregnant with our second baby! We have always wanted to have another and I'm excited to say that Matilda will have a new brother or sister early January 2015.  
I'm 17 weeks now and so far everything has been going really well, I can already feel this little boo boo moving about which is really early compared to my pregnancy with Matilda so I'm so thankful and excited for the little reminders I'm getting that our baby is growing and wiggling around.  Matilda's a little young to understand that mummy has a baby in her tummy but we are trying to remind her of it regularly so hopefully as she gets a little older she will understand.  If you have any tips let me know, I'd love to hear them!
28 July 2014


Are you hard on yourself as a mum?  Oh man I have been (In fact I've been chatting about it here and here) That feeling of guilt, failure and unsatisfaction as a mom were overwhelming  but I felt terrible for these totally un mom like feelings and the thought of sharing them with someone else made me feel even more terrible.   But everything changed over a cup of tea with my sister, after a bit of coaxing out came an avalanche of everything I had bottled up.  And what a weight it was off my shoulders.  I realised a) those feelings are natural - not wrong! b) So many other moms feel exactly the same way c) Getting it off your chest is one step closer to finding a better way of dealing with everything.

So for this weeks taking the pressure off ourselves as mom challenge its all about opening up.  Lets find someone to chat to and really lay out how we are feeling.  Not just the 'Oh we've had a bad day full of missed naps and tantrums' but what's actually going on in your own head, that stuff that you aren't sure you should even say.  I know it can be tough but sharing those feelings are gong to clear your mind and get you on the path to feeling more positive and in control.  Let me know if you give it a try, I love to hear how you are all doing!

25 July 2014


This week our challenge to stop being hard on ourselves as mums is to take some some unapologetic me time.  No, not the kind of "I'll schedule it in but something else might come up with the kids and I'll put it off for another night" me time but the kind of "I'm a great mom, I'm a great person but in order to be the best person I can I have to nurture me" me time.  Because if we put even a tenth of the effort we put into every other part of our lives into ourselves just imagine what we could do!

So this week I've been taking time for me left right and centre.  I skipped the chores during nap time and sat outside in the sunshine to do some sewing. The tree's were rustling and the weather was warm and it was just so. quiet.  Quiet doesn't sit in the description of my day so it felt so nice just to sit and listen to the silence.

After dinner one night I took myself upstairs and watched a Annie Leibovitz documentary I've had sitting on my computer for 7 months.  Yes, I've put everything else first for 7 months! haha!  Well that night, I ate some chocoate, watched my documentary and felt my creativity surging.  

I've also taken some short spurts of me time too, because even ten minutes can be an awesome pick me up. Aaron had taken Matilda downstairs this morning so I stayed in bed for ten minutes to catch up on some trashy daily mail reading.  And I've been going to bed ten minutes early to read my latest issue of Vanity Fair (Best $12 I've ever spent on myself) 

What I've learnt is me time isn't something that should be stored up for a rainy day when you are about to go na-na's.  I've learnt that putting off other mum duties in order to prioritise that me time is okay - the world doesn't stop turning, Matilda's okay and I actually then appreciate when I do a clean or a cook because I know its something I really want to do.  And I've learnt that it isn't something I need to apologise for or feel like I ask permission for. I take my time and often its not until the very end that anyone in the family realised I was even gone.  Huh! Total opposite to what I thought would happen.  And I've got to say I felt more relaxed and calmer this week. I felt inspired and challenged on lots of levels not just at a household level.  I'll definitely be keeping this up because this small change has made a big difference. 

PS - Being Hard On Yourself As A Mum:The week one challenge + Are You Being Hard On Yourself As A Mum
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